The Colt’s Lodge “Hummingbird Story”


In the summer of 2014 we were using one of the rooms as a temporary office and storage room. One evening just as we were about to leave a humming bird flew into the office and for 20 minutes I tried to get the bird to fly out through the open door. I used a newspaper to guide it to the escape route… Just as I thought it was working the hummer would fly around me and go back in and sit on top of some doors we had stored in the room. I gave up and left the door open hoping the hummer would see light outside at night and fly out. In the morning I found the hummer on top of the doors and it appeared to be dead. I got a soft towel to pick it up and take it outside… when I picked it up I thought I saw the hummer move its head. I petted the hummer and the head moved again. I felt greatly relieved and quickly transferred the hummer to the towel and took it outside to a flowering plant and put its beak into the nectar. The hummer moved its head again still with eyes closed. I picked several blossoms and took the hummer to a table we had by the pool. I continued to feed the hummer by opening up the blossoms for the hummer until it reacted by feeding on its own. Soon the hummer opened its eyes and moved its wings, blinked a couple of times and looked up at me. The hummer then fluttered its wings and flew up to my eye level looking me 12” from my face, hovered for a few seconds and flew away…

The rest of the summer the hummer would come and sit on an Agave plant close to the table where all this happened. When I approached the hummer it would always fly up to my eye level and hover for a few seconds and then fly away.

As I was telling this story to a couple staying at the lodge, the hummer flew up behind me and hovered as if to say its true!

— Jon Nelson

Note from a guest at our Palm Springs B&B

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